Chr. Hansen

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Chr. Hansen

A global supplier in the food, health care, pharmaceutical, and agricultural ingredients industries.


Mainly produces starter cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics and natural colors


Innovative products, advanced production processes, long-term customer relationships and intellectual property rights make us a market leader

Chr. Hansen in brief  

Founded in 1874 in Copenhagen by Danish pharmacist Christian D.A. Hansen


Listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen



3,000 employees



Our strategy: Nature’s no. 1

Grow the business of today – create the solutions for tomorrow



Everyday more than 1 billion people worldwide consume a product with a Chr. Hansen ingredient



Significant potential remains in the remaining 6.5 billion



We wish to meet their demand for tasty, healthy, natural, safe and affordable food and nutrition



We are in a unique position to meet customer and consumer needs through natural means



We are in a position to be:





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