Chr. Hansen Natural Colors A/S change company name to Oterra.

Published:2021-12-22|Page VIew:82

"Chr. Hansen Natural Colors A/S", our natural colors principal, was sold to EQT Group by the parent group Chr. Hansen Holding A/S on September 26, 2020. EQT Group (EQT) is one of the vehicles for private equity investment by international investment giant Investor AB. Headquartered in Sweden, Yinruida is an industrial holding company with branches all over the world. It is also the largest industrial holding company in the Nordic region. It is the main shareholder of many top multinational companies, including ABB, Ericsson and Electrolux (Electrolux) and many other Fortune 500 companies. ; Investment areas mainly include non-listed companies in the United States, Northern Europe and Asia. The founder and general manager of EQT is Conni Jonsson . The company currently manages 10 funds with a total of approximately 10.5 billion euros. It is currently the second largest private equity fund in Europe.


After the formal completion of the merger and equity transfer, EQT Group officially announced on May 20, 2021: Chr. Hansen Natural Colors A/S, changed its name to: Oterra A/S.

The new name Oterra is inspired by the Latin word "soil". The brand name change reflects our company's commitment to getting colors from nature and investing in the production of more natural, safe and sustainable food.


From straight to heart. For 145 years, our awe for food and nature has remained unchanged, and we are committed to improving people's food in natural and sustainable ways. Our commitment to customers remains unchanged, and we will help manufacturers with consistent professionalism and enthusiasm to provide consumers around the world with highly attractive foods, beverages, dairy products, dietary supplements and pet food; this is also our heart, what we want to convey.


The name change is one of the company's series of new moves. At the same time, the website: and social media platforms have also been opened. The number, name, packaging, etc. of the product you are currently using will not be changed; as for the product label, the name of the production plant on the label will be gradually changed, and we also set a reasonable timetable to ensure the smooth and orderly development of the business .


After obtaining EQT Group ~ EQT investment, Oterra quickly announced a strategic investment, acquiring the Spanish-based Secna Group (SECNA, Natural Ingredients Group SL), and Diana Food's Coloring Business, a subsidiary of Symris AG, showing that EQT Group’s The grand plan made by Oterra.