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At Westland Milk Products, we have a simple philosophy.

Our dedication to genuine quality, from the farm gate to your door, means we provide you with top quality New Zealand produced dairy products.

Our co-operative is owned by the dairying families who have supplied our milk for generations, and are as committed to quality as we are. 

Many of these 400 farming families have worked alongside us since our foundations were formed in 1937, in the heartland of New Zealand’s west coast. 

In 2010 we shifted our focus toward growth through increased milk supply, and the creation of value added products and brands. We are now one of New Zealand’s leading producers of infant nutrition ingredients. Our strategic vision, and the loyalty of our shareholders, will ensure the supply of our finest New Zealand dairy into the future.

The Westland Milk Products mission is to be New Zealand’s preferred supplier of premium quality dairy and nutritional products, exceeding our customers’ expectations and maximising sustainable returns for our shareholders.


Our Farms

Our company is, and always has been, entirely owned by the farmers who provide our milk.  They truly value the importance of quality and consistency. 

With over 400 farms providing milk for Westland, our farmer shareholders form an integral part of the local community and New Zealand’s second largest dairy co-operative. Our communities look to our farmers to provide environmental leadership, and our milk supply team closely supports them.

Our farmers know that farming excellence depends on lush pastures, healthy herds and sustainable practices. We have one of the best dairy farming environments in the world with fertile soils and high levels of rainfall and sunshine.

Farming excellence will allow us to continue producing 





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