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Gellan gum is a kind of microbial extra cellular polysaccharide. As a multi-functional thickening, gelling and stabilizing agent, gellan gum has been broadly applied in the food, medicine (e.g. soft or hard capsule), cosmetic, chemical industry, etc. Gellan gum has two kinds: low acyl and high acyl.


With the features of natural, safe, non-toxic, efficient, etc., gellan gum is taken care by more and more consumers, especially food scientists.

Product Characteristics



The products should be handled gently and kept from light, moisture and heat. Do not put it together with poison or contaminants. Tightly sealed, and put in a dry place.

Comparative Advantage

Low acyl gellan gum is a brittle gel, very sensitive to shear force, with clear taste. Compared with other food gels, gellan gum has obvious advantages, and it’s now gradually replacing agar and carrageenan in the food industry. Following picture shows the properties of gellan gum in comparison with other gels.



The leading Patent technology

Our company has its own patented production technology, and the successful development of gellan gum, has reached the domestic leading level on the production process of our company. 
We own a number of patents, and can provide customers with product solutions.

International standard

In line with national standard GB25535-2010

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